Informed & instant CRE decisions. Powered by a real time, cloud-based platform combining real estate & economic growth from over 367,500 local markets.

Commercial Brokers

Real Estate Brokers

  • Pinpoint new opportunities and trends in CRE.
  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Mitigate rise for residential and commercial real estate clients.
Retailers and Small Business

Retailers and Small Business

  • Find the ideal location for your expansion.
  • Reduce workload associated with on-site research.
  • Get familiar with unknown real estate markets.
Developers and CRE Investors

Developers and CRE Investors

  • Instant economic and real estate growth indicators provide transparency in local markets.
  • Reduce risk of new CRE investments.
  • Cloud based reporting of updated analytics improves and speeds decisions.

Monthly updated leading economic indicators.

Growth Maps delivers unique residential & commercial real estate technology and tools. Visualize and understand the core drivers of economic growth and your brand at the city block level and any larger neighborhood, in a matter of seconds, using our Growth Maps intelligence data-driven visualization software.


Access economic growth indicators and monitor market changes with a click of a button. Growth Maps is changing the scope of CRE research and technology.

Market Search

If you’re a tech savvy real estate broker, agent, or investor, Growth Maps powerful combination of real estate technology, GIS mapping, and data aggregation offers an unmatched opportunity. Growth Maps effectively performs real time data mapping of indicators that make your search fast, efficient, and intelligent. By accessing core data including job growth, demo graphics, economic growth, population trends, and median income, you can locate prime real estate opportunities before your competition, in locations that are experiencing early compelling and accepted signs of economic growth.Search markets instantly nationwide with a CRE tool that reduces overheard by reducing the need for on-site travel and research.


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Growth Maps users benefit from accurate reporting that leverages monthly updated demographics and leading economic indicators. Custom reporting allows you to locate optimal city blocks that are experiencing economic and demographic growth. Growth maps data aggregation and predictive modeling merges all the leading indicators to create geographic real estate forecasts. Choose your local market and simply click on the leading economic indicators you want to include. The data visualization tool pops up real estate maps color coded by market trends and growth trends. Download your reports and use them to drive new sales. Point, click, complete without any need for additional legwork, research, or complicated spreadsheets.

Predictive Analytics

Growth Maps state-of-the-art data mapping platform combines data aggregation and predictive modeling. We aggregate years of monthly datasets from 18+ reliable data brokers and trusted sources, and overlay this with hundreds of monthly variables like income growth, mortgage risk, new jobs index, population changes, and others. Predictive models on 367,500 local markets combined with advanced mathematical processes fuse together to provide one comprehensive and intuitive graphic interface that delivers accurate, immediate real estate forecasts. Using the Growth Maps residential real estate technology, investors & real estate professionals can now access the most current local data online and make smart,location-based decisions.


Our platform combines the most up-to-date private and public data, and displays this information
in a visual format to help businesses, investors and brokers gain a strong competitive edge.

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About us

The Growth Maps team is made up of PhD’s, real estate experts, and talented automated valuation modelers with over thirty years’ experience in residential real estate technology and markets. Our mission is to solve complex residential real estate technology and location analysis problems by delivering a real-time, real estate local market analytics platform that enables investors, businesses, agents, and risk managers to quickly find the top investments, nationwide, spanning macro, local, and micro markets.

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Why Choose Us

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    Growth Maps platform is the fastest and most efficient data visualization tool available to the CRE industry.

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    Growth-Maps gives you the tools to make smarter real estate investments.

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    Growth Maps is passionate about improving data reliability and providing next generation technology to the real estate industry.

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    Growth Maps provides reliable and current data and does not rely on out of date market forecasts and stale reports.

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    Discover which metro and local markets are hot and trending with custom reporting, with just a click of a button.

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