The perfect real estate market analysis technology for local builders and developers is…. Growth Maps is the perfect real estate technology for builders looking to avoid the high carrying costs and consequences of over-building while helping to identify emerging opportunities with the best profit potential. Let’s take a look at a scenario to see how Growth Maps can help a builder identify the best areas in which to develop, ways to lower risk and carrying costs, and ultimately enhance profits.

What really matters is having the best real estate information so all core information is known, and not lost in the Matrix.  Access to the most current leading economic indicators, and real estate growth patterns is key, this data and information is so vast and ever-changing, every day, week, month, quarter, that only with new real estate maps, and new commercial real estate technology, is there true value and profits.

Having high quality Real Estate Technology Tools and that produce profits and not invest based upon hope.  Scenarios where new local real estate technology can benefit real estate builders and developers:

Scenario:  A small builder is nearing completion of a successful subdivision but the area is getting pretty saturated and land is getting too scarce and expensive.

How can Growth Maps help this builder identify a low-risk, high yield area to develop?  Selection Criteria:  One of the largest indicators of future growth and rising real estate prices is an increase in jobs. Growth Maps receives daily, monthly, and quarterly updates that help it track and analyze employment statistics on the national, state, and local levels. Because the builder is looking for an area where housing demand is expected to grow, they will use the Jobs Growth and Business Growth index viable.

Real Estate Market Analysis

                                  Real Estate Market Analysis

Real estate maps that tell the story of real estate market analysis

Wonder what’s going on in your local market?   Real estate maps tell the story.   Not just the story of what property has sold or listed, or aggregated public real estate data, but the core local variables that influence real estate prices today, and tomorrow.

Only real estate maps can really communicate this

Some claim Interactive Real Estate Maps, but for the most part everyone gets the same old results.

Traditionally, real estate investors and real estate professionals, have already been necessary to go through data from various sources, like subscription journals, outdated reviews and expensive real estate forecasts. With Growth Maps professionals can rid themselves of these time-consuming means which require significant analysis labor. Growth Maps new real estate maps technology combines the important information within these reports and analyzes the data to the user.

With better real estate technology and real estate market analysis, the investment in real estate, is a click away.

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